Sump Pump and Battery Back Up System Installer-Dayton Contractor

In the Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio area, Jaco Waterproofing installs the best and most dependable sump pumps. We have been in business for over 30 years and our knowledgeable staff can help you determine the causes of your basement water leaks.

Waterproofing your leaking basement is done by installing a water drainage and collection system under the floor of your basement. Some basements are capable of having that water drain by gravity away from the house. In others, the water must be removed by using a sump pump. Jaco Waterproofing installs only quality commercial grade sump pumps for their customers.

How Sump Pumps Work

Water is collected by drainage pipes under the concrete floor of your basement. During rains the groundwater flows out of these pipes and into the basin. This basin is usually installed in a corner of the basement below the lever of the floor.

The sump pump goes inside the sump basin.As the water level rises it triggers a switch that turns on the sump pump. The sump pump then removes the water from your building.

Battery Back Up Systems

The sump pump is powered by electricity. However, if the power goes out during a storm, the sump pump will not work. The water level will rise and cause flooding and damage to the contents of the basement if the sump pump is without power.

For added security during storms, ask Jaco Waterproofing to install a battery back-up system to your sump pump. These can provide hours of protection until the electricity is again restored.